Are your pairs 100% authentic?


No, our pairs are not 100% authentic, because they are UA. However, they are made from the same materials as the pairs sold on the market. Our pairs are also new and come with the box and all their accessories.


The pair I want is not on the website. What should I do?

If the pair you want is not on our website, don't worry! Our team will try to find it for you as soon as possible. You just need to send us the pair you're looking for to info@maniackicks.com. Once you've sent it, our team will respond to you within 24 to 48 hours via email!


Why are your prices so low?

We sell UA products from major companies that haven't officially been authorized for sale on the market. For example, when a manufacturer, responsible for producing sneakers, fulfills an order for 20,000 pairs, they typically produce around 25,000 pairs. The extra 5,000 pairs are intended to replace any units with manufacturing defects identified during quality testing. However, manufacturers often choose not to discard these defective units to avoid substantial losses. Instead, they sell the UA products to companies like ours to recoup their production costs.


What kind of defects should I expect?

Our kicks may have minor imperfections such as stains, glue residue, stitching errors, slight color variations, or incomplete finishes. However, our manufacturing defects are not significant, ensuring impeccable overall quality.


Do your kicks come with their box? 

Yes, each pair of kicks arrives at your doorstep in its box and with all its accessories.


Can I resell your kicks? 

Yes, however, it's important to inform your buyer that your pair is UA (Unauthorized Authentic) and is not 100% authentic due to a manufacturing defect




What is the delivery time?

We order the kicks directly from the manufacturers within 24 hours of your order. Then, they ship the kicks to us via UPS the same day. A delivery time of 9 to 15 business days applies before we receive the package at our warehouse. Upon receipt, our team meticulously inspects your kicks to ensure exceptional quality. Subsequently, we ship your package the same day, using USPS (USA) and PUROLATOR (CA). A delivery time of 1 to 3 business days applies to this delivery before it arrives at your doorstep.


Can I return my pair if I am not satisfied?

Your satisfaction is our number one priority. That's why at Maniac Kicks, we are committed to refunding your pair of kicks if you are not satisfied with them. To learn more, please visit our Returns page.


Do I have to pay customs fees?

No, once your order is placed on our website, no additional fees will be charged to you. The amount displayed at the checkout is the final amount you pay.


Do you have delivery fees?

Yes, our delivery fees start at $15.